Love Cold Email? Hate The Technical Part?


Outsource Your Setup or Sending To a Proven Team, Leadhype!

Send as many cold emails as you want, without needing any technical skills.

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94% Inbox

A third party source tested Leadhype’s email sending algorithm versus multiple competitors. And our system won every single time. We give you inbox placements as high as 94%.

White Glove Service For Your Cold Email Sending

Because Leadhype handles all of the technical work that goes into sending emails.

Here’s What Leadhype Can Do For You:

One Time Setup

White Glove Sending by Leadhype

Purchase Domains
Purchase Google Workspace or Zoho Emails
Create DKIM and DMARC records, etc.
Setup Email Accounts into Instantly
Configure Email Warming
Custom Campaign Requirements
Zapier Integration
Raw Data Formatting & Management
Email Cleaning & Verifying
Create Master Inbox
Spam Monitoring
Live Campaign Reporting
Email List Database Management
Suppression List Management
2 Free Consultations
Initial Copy Review
Dedicated Support Manager
$30 Per Account Setup
Custom Pricing
How to Get Started

Dedicated Support Manager

You don’t have to learn a new platform either.

We pair you with an account manager that does all the work for you. Just tell them what to do, and they’ll do it for you!


You provide domain suggestions



We purchase the domain, set up the domains & email accounts and add them to the warmer



Cold emails will be ready to send. Are you ready to get more clients?


Here's what’s possible with your campaign


If you are interested in the one time setup, click the button that says “Order Now”, enter your information, and you can get started in just a few minutes.

One Time Setup - Get Started

If you are interested in White Glove Sending by Leadhype, then click the “Schedule a Setup Call” button. And our team of experts will help you to set up your campaign, and ensure that you are a good fit for the service.

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We have been sending cold emails for over 10 years. In that time, we’ve perfected our system for setting up cold email campaigns, and sending those emails in the most efficient way.

So that instead of you figuring out how to send cold emails on your own, or doing all the work on your own, we can plug you into our unique system that’s not found anywhere else in the industry.

Most campaigns are similar, they require; email list, email copy, and sending. Also, every campaign usually has a few custom requirements, which is fine.

Most of our White Glove clients already have their email list and email copy…they just need assistance keeping their ‘cold email sending machine’ running.

Keeping the machine running is our specialty, and at the time of this writing, we are managing over 5,000 domains/emails on behalf of our clients.

To discuss further, please schedule time with us here.

Yes, we can configure both Zoho and Google Workspace emails (previously known as GSuite’s).

To get started;

One Time Account Setup - Get Started
White Glove Sending by Leadhype - Book a Call