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Why Is It So D#MN Hard To Find Hot Quality Emails To Generate “Bank-Account-Crashing” Leads?

To anyone who has ever tried using cold email to grow their business. (Or their income)…

Have you ever flushed a wad of cash down the toilet?
Well… if you’re not yet using the power of “AI Email Scraping” to grow your business. Then you might be missing out on a TON of money.

Here’s why.

I’ve wasted tens of thousands of dollars (and thousands of hours) on…

  • Poor quality leads.

  • Social media that’s over-saturated.

  • And marketing lists that are TOO D$%# EXPENSIVE.

In fact, I remember once forking over $1,000 for a list of 500 agency owners to market to. Do you want to know what I got?
  • Leads that never responded.

  • Emails that bounced.

  • And people who had been marketed to for years…

That frustrated me beyond belief. How are you supposed to hit your income goals… when your business is flooded with bad leads? That’s right… you can’t… or it’s going to be very hard.
So here’s the problem:

Most Marketers Rely On  “General Leads”

If you fish where everyone else is fishing… then you’re not going to catch any fish. That saying is also true for marketing. And it’s why these channels don’t work as well anymore:
  • Posting on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.

  • Running Facebook ads.

  • Using Google Ad Words.

  • Starting a podcast.

  • Throwing 500 videos on a YouTube channel…

  • Marketing to the same email lists used by 1,000 other marketers.

Imagine you have two leads you want to market to:

Plastered Perry- he has been marketed to by every possible business. His email is on every list… and it’s super easy to find his email, telephone number, and data.

✔️ Secretive Stacy- she has been harder to find. Very few businesses have marketed to her… so it’s harder to find her information. But someone who can find her email has a MUCH EASIER time selling to Secretive Stacy….

So Here’s How You Can “Laser Target” These Untapped Leads…

Introducing The Power Of AI Targeting

Imagine having a powerful technology that can track the email of ANY person on the planet?
Wouldn’t it be super easy to find those secretive prospects who haven’t been marketed to?

Well… that’s exactly what AI Targeting helps you to do. And when you start using Leadhype Ninja… then you’ll have the power of AI Targeting growing your business (or your income) 24/7…

Now- the AI Targeting tech can’t laser-target anybody on the planet… however if they have a social media profile, LinkedIn, or any of the other possible networks- there’s a good chance you’ll get their email. In fact, you’ll have enough emails to grow your income for years.

So here’s everything AI Targeting will help you to do…

  • Secret #1- Gets You Cheaper Leads (No More Buying Expensive Lists)

    Did you know that you used to have to spend $1,000’s to have an email list to market to? Not anymore! You’ll be able to generate a quality list of emails for mere pennies… meaning you’ll have more money to pay yourself, grow your business, and go on an extra vacation or two this year.

  • Secret #2- No More Wasting Time With Upwork Freelancers

    Ugh. That’s what most people say about working with freelancers. One of the most popular methods for building a list used to be to outsource the work to a freelancer on Upwork… But not only is outsourcing the work FAR more expensive… Take WAY too long… And your leads aren’t that great… But the AI Targeting used by Leadhype Ninja works automatically without you having to deal with a freelancer. A little antisocial? Maybe… but it’s far more efficient.

  • Secret #3- AI Targeting Makes Lead Gen Easy As Cake…

    Who said finding a list of people to grow your business had to be hard? Well, now thanks to AI Targeting… you’ll finally have one piece of marketing technology you can depend on. All you have to do is press a button on the software… And technology does all the hard work for you!

WithOne Press Of A Button You’ll…

  • Extract Data From Sales Navigator

    Our most powerful Ninja. Finds personal and corporate emails based on your Sales Navigator filters.

  • Scrape Names And Emails From LinkedIn

    Finds public LinkedIn data based on keywords and location

  • Find Data On YouTube

    This Ninja AUTOMATICALLY scrapes emails from Youtube video descriptions

  • Gather Clients With Our Magic Ninja

    Finds data about local business as well as contact persons. Perfect for cold callers

  • Scrape Customers From Facebook Pages

    You can have the latest local business data… straight from Facebook. Perfect if you have a social media marketing agency

  • Extract Data From Yellowpages

    This is the perfect way to gather business information

Data is critical for your sales. The better the data… the more money you’ll make. But… gathering this data doesn’t have to be a frustrating chore…

You shouldn’t have to manually scrape the data from each page. And you should NEVER have to press more than one button…

Thankfully… Leadhype Ninja makes it dead simple to gather all the data you need to hit your sales goals this year…

How Much Does This Bad Boy Cost?

In the right hands… this software can be worth MILLIONS of dollars to the right client. But, while I could charge very high prices… and do very well… I want to make this affordable for everyone.

So here are the pricing packages:


$ 37
  • 10 Lists / Day
  • 0 Daily Sales Nav Credits
  • Export To CSV File


$ 97
  • 30 Lists / Day
  • 5 000 Daily Sales Nav Credits
  • Access to All Ninjas
  • Export to CSV File
  • Private Support


$ 147
  • 60 Lists / Day
  • 10 000 Daily Sales Nav Credits
  • Access to All Ninjas
  • Export to CSV File
  • Private Support

Is There A Guarantee ?

Most people offer a guarantee. And so do most businesses… but as you’ll see- this technology isn’t like most…

And if you’re the type of person who needs a guarantee for a tiny payment… for something that will easily make that back…

Then Leadhype Ninja might not be for you.

But if you’re ready to get started- then you can click the button below right now to see for yourself if Leadhype Ninja is for you:

Frequently Asked Questions


Yes, if you sign up now you will get access to our YellowPages Ninja for free! In order to get access to our other Ninjas you have to get a membership.

Yes, we do. Reach out to us on Live Support indicating an approximate amount of daily quota you need and we will come up with a membership that suits your needs.

The amount of data you get per list depends on the chosen keyword and Ninja.

For Example:

• Sales Navigator Finder: Up to 2500 rows of data
• Magic Ninja Finder: Accountant in Boston = 187 rows of data (but Cpa in Atlanta, Ga = 208 rows of data)
• Youtube Finder: Personal Trainer = 350 rows of data (but Realtor = 600 rows of data)
• YellowPages Finder: Personal Trainer in Los Angeles = 400 rows of data (but Accountant in Los Angeles = 1900 rows of data)
• Facebook Finder: Personal Trainer in Los Angeles = 250 rows of data (but Dentist in Los Angeles = 270 rows of data)
• LinkedIn Finder: Personal Trainer in Los Angeles = 300 rows of data (but Accountant in New York City = 1000 rows of data)

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