Up To 94% Inbox Rate

1. Form

Complete our 2-minute Intake Form


2. Streamline

We handle domain purchase, account setup, and all the other b.s.


3. Integration

We add the emails into your preferred sending software

Domain purchase
Email purchase
Technical setup (configuration DNS records)
Enable domain forwarding (if needed)
Adding accounts to your preferred cold email sending software
Custom Domain Tracking configuration
Enabling of email warming
Testing and Verification to ensure successful configuration
Transfer domain ownership
Provide email account login credentials

$33 for the first month (domain included), then $6/month

Depending on your order size, typically not longer than 72 hours. Most orders are completed faster.

At this time, we do not for various reasons, we HIGHLY recommend Outlook email accounts at this time.

Leadhype has configured over 15,000 accounts in the past 2 years alone. Whether you want 5 accounts configured or 5,000, it’s the same SOP.

This service is to complete the initial email account configuration on your behalf. Once this has been completed successfully, our responsibility is over.

If for some reason the work wasn’t completed successfully, Leadhype will resolve the issue in a timely manner.

If you are looking for a managed sending service where we handle all the sending, software, and even list building for you, we have a service for this. Please schedule time to discuss your specific needs with us here.

Due to complexities and differences between the dozens of Domain Registrar’s, at this time, Leadhype will only transfer your domains to GoDaddy accounts.

If you do not have a GoDaddy account, and you want us to transfer the domains into your possession, you will need to create a GoDaddy account.

We follow best practices and only configure one email per domain. Example, if you purchase 20 Accounts, you will receive 20 domains and 20 email accounts configured.