Here at Leadhype we have tested MANY tools. We will NOT recommend a product that we have never used and battle tested. Check these out with confidence!

Lifetime Deals (LTD’s) - Pay once, forever...

How many different software products do you use to run your business? The cost adds up quickly, huh? If you purchase LTD’s, you literally pay once, and never have to pay again.

From day one, we have been on the quest for the newest and best products. AppSumo is a great place to find ‘early-stage’ software (yes, some have bugs). Think of AppSumo as a ‘Kickstarter’ for SaaS’s.

Using our referral link, you get $10 off your first purchase, and we get $10. And trust me, we purchase these products often! The best thing about this is that there is relatively little risk. Most give you a 30 day or 60 day money-back guarantee! There’s literally a ‘refund me’ button that you click – so you don’t even have to speak to someone to get a refund if you are unhappy!

Cold Email Resources

Our In-House Scraper:

  1. LinkedIn Email Scraper
  2. Facebook Pages Email Scraper
  3. Yellow Pages Scraper
  4.  Youtube Email Scraper
  5. Magic Ninja Scraper (local biz. scraper)

This is the 2nd automation tool we use in-house. We use this tool when searching for very specific emails. Our Leadhype App tool only searches for mass emails, while Seamless allows you to search for 1 email at a time.

This is our go-to email cleaner. This tool is a little slow to validate but is the best value.

This is our 2nd choice email cleaning tool that we use. We believe it is 90% as good as BulkEmailChecker, but cleans emails a lot faster (for time sensitivity).

When using our link, you get a 30% off coupon.

Worried you are ending up in spam? Just enter your domain name into this Blacklist Checker – For users that use Gsuite or other paid domains (not free gmails).

Make sure your domain is set up properly to send emails. This will check your DKIM, DMARC, and SPF and provide a detailed report. 

Takes about 5 minutes and we run this at least once per week

Business Automation Tools

This is our go-to tool for Lead Management, (CRM), and Project Management (PM), and managing Support Tickets. 

This tool is 100% customizable and integrates with any 3rd party apps using Zapier, API, or Webhooks.

This is our backup CRM we refer clients to. It’s more of a traditional CRM, while still very powerful.

It is great for a basic CRM, but if you want something 100% custom…this will only get you 90% there!

This is a start up CRM/PM tool that plans to ‘do-it-all’. It’s actually not that bad and will most likely become a powerhouse, with a better UI than Podio. 

We are keeping a close eye on this one – already built a sandbox to test it.

If your business has a lot of repeatable processes and tasks, and you want to scale, you better start creating SOP’s! Yes, it may take some time upfront, but then your assistants can easily follow a repeatable process.

There is no tool more powerful for SOP creation than Process.St. It also can be triggered by CRM’s to create a new ‘checklist’.

After testing many proposal and contract generation SaaS’s, that collect payment, we’ve settled on PandaDoc being the best for us. It’s reporting capabilities are extremely powerful. We can be notified when a contract has been viewed (and for how long) — which allows us to trigger automations.

We use CallRail for all of our business phone numbers. Using a different phone number on; your website, business cards, each cold email campaign, etc. – allows you to know which marketing campaign is doing best.

CallRail allows for some great customizations – send 1st time callers (new leads) into our CRM.