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Heyo it’s Shawn from Leadhype Media.

I just semi-retired from Boston and recently moved back to the greeny-grassy hills of Ireland to allow me more time to focus solely on the future of cold emailing. Which is WHY you’re here right now, so…

Let’s get to the point

Because you’ve booked a call, I’d like to reward you for taking action today.

This is where I invite you to think about your business for a second…

And think about your company’s current tone of voice and how you truly connect with those roaming buyers out there who are waiting for YOUR solution… so we can discuss unique angles and marketing insights and you can create high-converting campaigns.

Now, here’s what you’ll get on this call:

  • You’ll discover how we’ve helped our clients scale cold email funnels with 50%+ open rates AND 11 scheduled booked calls in just 8 days
  • How you could bring in an additional 30 calls in 3 weeks with highly-targeted prospects of your choosing…
  • And what gives you an unfair “blue ocean strategy” type advantage to create red-hot prospects before they even speak with you.

Plus, on the call together we’ll also identify ‘money-leaks’ in your marketing operations. Fact is, most business owners don’t realize they left 500% of their profit on the table when it comes to effective outreach. I’m here to show you how to recoup on these simple fixes.

Prior to the call, feel free to check out some more of our work
(The proof is in the pudding afterall…)

11 Scheduled Calls in 8 Days


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